Hi, we're chris and sara

We are Chris and Sara, a husband and wife team based out of LaGrange, GA. We met for the first time in the year 2005- middle school. Chris was my (Sara) brother's best friend, so naturally we didn't even speak to each other at this point. (haha) It wasn't until Chris' senior year of high school that we talked to each other for the first time and became best friends. About 3 years later, we were married!

We got into wedding videography when a friend asked us to film her wedding on our iphone in 2018. We got creative with it and had a blast! We have been hooked ever since. Four years, tons of learning and experience, and a bunch of new equipment later and here we are! 

While we aren't working, we have also picked up a love for travel! We are hoping to continue to travel more and would love the chance to shoot a destination wedding film one day!

We're so glad you're here!

Chris, who was born and raised in LaGrange, loves anything to do with music and plays many instruments. He has also always had a knack for making videos- starting at a very young age when he and his brother would make entire wrestling productions on the trampoline in their yard. Maybe he will share this one day, because it is hilarious! On top of all of this, he has a love for audio production, which has a lot more to do with wedding video than anyone realizes!

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Sara, who was born in Orlando and has lived in many different places, ended up in LaGrange during her 6th grade year of school. She has always been a creative nerd, with a particular love for musical theater and singing- hence the fact that her middle school email address was ilove2singlots- yikes! 😬 While Chris is the technical guru of the team, Sara is the support. She enjoys pointing Chris in the direction of taking new risks and creating new storylines. She is also behind the majority of our social media posts. 

Legacy Multimedia is a wedding videography team based in Lagrange GA

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